Village of Chester – Hamlet of Sugar Loaf

Comprehensive Plan

Town of Chester Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Chester prepared and adopted its Comprehensive Plan on May 1, 2003. That plan recognized that community planning is an ongoing process and recommended additional actions, plans and detailed studies to pursue the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan. Section 272-a of the New York State Town Law states the “Town Board shall provide, as a component of such Comprehensive Plan, the maximum intervals at which the adopted plan shall be reviewed.” While the adopted Plan did not specify a time frame for review, the generally accepted standard is every 5 to 10 years. Since nearly a decade has passed since the 2003 Plan was adopted, it is time for a periodic review and update.

2003 Comprehensive Plan: Download

Comprehensive Plan Committee:
In January of 2013, a committee of Town residents was selected to update the 2003 Comprehensive Plan. The Committee will be meeting on the fourth Thursday of each month at Town Hall at 2:00 PM to review and update the Comprehensive Plan.

Committee members are as follows:
Steve Neuhaus, Supervisor
Don Serotta, Planning Board Chair
Linda Ranni, Zoning Board of Appeals Chair
Ted Talmadge – Resident and Farmer
John Vero – Resident and Business Owner
Richard Logothetis – Business Owner (Sugar Loaf)
Shary Denes – Resident (Sugar Loaf)

The Process: The Chester Comprehensive Plan Committee is meeting on the fourth Thursday of each month at The Town of Chester Town Hall at 2:00 PM during the process of completing the Comprehensive Plan Update. The public participation process will begin with a Public Vision Session on April 8, 2013, which will be held from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Town Hall. The Comprehensive Plan Committee will then hold its required public hearing when the Draft Comprehensive Plan is ready for review. Following the Committee’s public hearing, the final Plan will be completed along with the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Law environmental review documents. The Comprehensive Plan will then be sent to the Chester Town Board for their consideration and adoption and the Town Board will hold its required public hearing. Any recommended zoning text and map amendments would follow thereafter.

How Do I Get Involved?

The Comprehensive Plan Committee will meet monthly at The Chester Town Hall to work on the creation of the Comprehensive Plan Update. These meetings are open to the public. You can also contribute to the effort by providing your input on the draft Comprehensive Plan Update in writing or by attending the public hearings that will be held to gather input from the public. Public participation is a vital component of a successful Comprehensive Plan and your input is welcome.

What Is A Comprehensive Plan?

  • Expression of a community’s goals for the future and recommendations for achieving those goals.
  • Outline for orderly growth, providing continued guidance for decision-making.
  • Document, which focuses on immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, growth and development

The new Comprehensive Plan can be used to answer a variety of questions about the Town of Chester. These include:

  • What should the Town look like in the future?
  • Where business and industrial land uses should be permitted?
  • What can we do to expand our parks & open space?
  • What programs can be put in place to encourage historic preservation?
  • How can we protect our natural resources?
  • Does our zoning and related regulations need to be revised?

Why Is A New Comprehensive Plan Needed?

All land use regulations (i.e. zoning, design guidelines, subdivision regulations) must be in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan.

What Is The Relationship Between The Comprehensive Plan And Zoning?

  • The Comprehensive Plan establishes the objectives that the community wants to achieve.
  • The Zoning Law sets forth the regulations designed to achieve the objectives of the Plan.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the process or have issues you think should be explored in the process of developing the Comprehensive Plan, please (click here) and forward your comments to us.





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