Comprehensive Plan Committee

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee: (“As Adopted by Town Board on January 3, 2024.”)

Bob Courtney
Larry Dysinger
Jon Gifford
Brandon Holdridge
Richard Logothetis
Veronica Mottt
Tracy Schuh
David Stevenson
Matt Woods

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Town of Chester Comprehensive Plan Update:

A Comprehensive Plan is a vital document that offers a vision for future development. It considers the area’s existing conditions, future goals and a general vision for what future growth and development within the Town of Chester will look like over the next 10 to 20 years. The Plan is a living document designed to be adaptable to changes that occur in our community over time and is updated periodically. A generally acceptive standard to update is every 5 to 10 years. The current Plan was adopted in 2015 (document link provided below).

The Town of Chester is currently in the midst of an update which can take a year to complete.

The public will be provided a variety of opportunities to weigh in on the Plan. Check back regularly for updates on future public input meetings and public hearing dates.

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Upcoming Committee Meeting Dates:

The Comprehensive Plan advisory committee meets regularly two times a month starting October 2023.  Meetings are open to the public. The schedule is every 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday at 7pm. Please check Town calendar for upcoming meeting locations.

Public Input Meetings:

Public participation is a vital component of a successful Comprehensive Plan and your input is welcomed.

A community workshop is tentatively planned to be held at the Sugar Loaf PAC (Performance Art Center) on the following dates:  March 20 from 7-9 pm, and March 23 from 1-4 pm. The public can stop by anytime during these sessions to talk with Committee members

Please check back for updates.

Submit Comments:

Members of the public can submit comments by way of a survey and/or email. All feedback will be gathered and reviewed as part of the process.

Survey 1:  (survey is CLOSED)


Why is an updated Comprehensive Plan needed?

All land use regulations (i.e. zoning, design guidelines, subdivision regulations) must be in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan.

What is the relationship between the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning?

The Comprehensive Plan establishes the objectives that the community wants to achieve. The Zoning Law sets forth the regulations designed to achieve the objectives of the Plan.


2015 Town of Chester Comprehensive Plan (link)